Hydrate water sachets - for school events

Made with our delicious healthy and refreshing water.

Great for school events, parties, school fun runs and sports days.

Convenient way to re-hydrate on the move.

Can be frozen to provide a cooling experience when consuming.

Spread them out. It makes sense that less water sachets will be used in the beginning of the event , and more towards the end.

Deliver an average of 1.5 sachets of water per participant for the first 2 water-points, and then 3 – 4 water sachets per participant towards the end of the event


Safe and Clean

Branded Water Bottles created with your label , choice of bottle shape/colour and cap colour  and filled with our SANS241 compliant delicious healthy and refreshing water.

We source our water from public water systems and first send it through our Reverse Osmosis process, which effectively filters out dirt and chemicals in the water. From there, the water is sent through a potent UV Treatment process, killing the bacteria and resulting in deliciously healthy and refreshing water.

Branded Water is about creating a positive feeling around your brand and organisation through providing superbly refreshing, high quality purified water in water bottles, water sachets, water container refills and ice cubes, including water delivery.

Our Process and Water Quality: The invigorating and delightfully smooth quality of our water is achieved through our vigorous purification process. Our water conforms to SANS241:2005 standards, and is regularly tested every month to ensure that these standards are properly maintained

school events
Today we have a plant in Alewynspoort, with 8 staff, with co producers in Capetown and Durban. We are always looking for new partnerships with water shops, small bottlers, entrepreneurs across South Africa to deliver work opportunities and clean water.