Branded Water is about creating a positive feeling around your brand and corporation through the branding of our delightfully smooth and refreshing water with your own distinctive label. We provide label design and a variation of different products for your branding requirements.

Our Reverse Osmosis and UV Treatment process fervently removes unwanted chemicals and bacteria from water; resulting in a deliciously invigorating, pure hydrating drinking experience.

Purified water labelled with your brand adds tremendous value to the overall image of your company and products, and is exceptionally effective for special events or for those in the hospitality or entertainment.

We have been serving branded water products for clients since 2008. We started as a small family run business, in a building in Towerby - Johannesburg, with 3 staff members. Our dream was to provide clean drinking water to thousands of South African across the country, and also help our clients to grow their businesses through branding water products across South Africa and create sustainable employment opportunites and clean water for South Africans.

Most of our water products are hand made, manually filled and labelled, and labour intensive so as to create maximum work opportunities, but still allowing us to remain profitable - idle hands are the devils workshop

Today we have a plant in Alewynspoort, with 8 staff, with co producers in Cape Town and Durban. We are always looking for new partnerships with water shops, small bottlers, entrepreneurs across South Africa to deliver work opportunities and clean water. Support small, support local, support South African. Try us - we quote same day.

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